Orthodontics will give you a great smile and beautiful straight teeth!

but also does a lot more...

By aligning teeth and correcting your bite you can avoid other dental problems like plaque build up, tooth decay and gum disease. Straight teeth don’t just look better, they encourage easier cleaning and better oral hygiene.


Teeth are not permanently anchored, and because of this, crooked teeth can become worse over time. The Orthodontist plays an important role in maximising oral health and creating the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Teeth straightening can also help:

• Aesthetics. Straight teeth look great

• Correct speech difficulties

• Improve the bite

• Teeth cleaning

• Avoid injury to ‘bucky teeth’

• Increase self confidence and appeal

When should I see an Orthodontist?


For children, the best time to assess is when the secondary, or ‘adult’ teeth, begin to appear, usually by age 7. Many problems can be simply solved, and prevention of more significant problems is always better than a cure.



The optimum age for orthodontic treatment is adolescence when the jaws are still developing. During these years, from 13 to 19 the teeth are much easier to move and the Orthodontist will be able to advise on a treatment option to achieve the best results.



Orthodontics for adults is a rapidly growing area of modern orthodontics.  Advancements in aesthetic appliances and techniques have seen more and more adults having treatments to improve their bites and smiles.

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