The Orthodontist is here to ensure that you receive the best of what modern orthodontics has to offer...

Our practice offers a complete range of orthodontic services, for all ages, with a focus on cosmetic orthodontics.

Utilising pain-free techniques, our aim is to give you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, and help you maintain it for life!

Special Orthodontic services we offer our patients include:

Comprehensive dental analysis and report of your treatment

Personalised program of preventative care

• Convenient VIP access to high quality selected specialists

Highest standards of cleanliness and sterilisation for patient safety

What to expect when you first visit The Orthodontist:

An initial consultation with The Orthodontist involves 'looking, listening and talking' so that we can assess your concerns and determine the best course of  action to achieve your goals. There are no injections and no pain when you visit the Orthodontist.


At The Orthodontist we pride ourselves on creating confident smiles using modern advanced treatment techniques with comfortable, gentle and painless procedures.

We will give you a smile to last a lifetime but it will not happen overnight:

At The Orthodontist we know that creating your unique and perfect smile takes some time. During that time our professional team will be with you every step of the way and will be dedicated to giving you the physical and psychological support until you achieve your goal.


We offer you the highest standard of orthodontic care available today!

The Orthodontist

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